Alan Hager

Wait, why do we have to click a box to agree to watch a video?   Yea, that's what I asked.  Turns out that the rules of the internet require me to inform you that youtube might keep track of the fact that you watched my videos.  There you have it.

Multi-Instrumentalist Alan Hager - 15 Songs in 2 Minutes!

Multi-Instrumentalist Alan Hager - Five Minute Demo of Solo Performances

Multi-Instrumentalist Alan Hager - Blue Funky Christmas

The Illusions of Alakazam! (and his magic making friends!)
It's true.  I do magic shows. Or more accurately, I like to have your special guest be the star of the show.  
Check out the video below and you'll see how that might look.

Alan Hager
Bassist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Musical Director